today is setup day for pacific international – goes thru sunday.  if you live in the area, well worth the trip.  quilts from all over the world.   rather a bit like houston, only smaller – still, takes more than one day to see everything.  (‘cept for bobbie. ^_^ )  i usually don’t get to see much as i can’t leave the booth for long periods.  i am right by the wearables, so get to check those out on the way to the bathroom (also closeby).  oh, booth #633.

it is raining, and i am hoping it stops before i have to begin hauling things up.  most stuff with regard to the business end is up there – except for the ‘office’.  however, have laptop, suitcase, dresses and ‘food’ still to take up.  also some last minute patterns i was able to put together once i installed the new print heads!  yea!!  i took the advice of a customer and put all 15 mini patterns in one ‘package’ and priced them just over 20% off.  since i don’t have a ‘quilt’ with them all in it, i had to just do a computer pasteup kind of deal – not perfect, but not bad.

well, tried to put the picture in here, but it’s a word document now and that didn’t work so well.  guess you’ll just have to come to the show. ^_^  won’t offer it on the webpage, not for now.  it will be a show special only.    see ya there!

love and beauty