a real day off.  so, we went to galveston to walk on the beach and get our toes wet in warm water.  lovely.  also had lunch at a nice restaurant – outside, looking at the water.  nice warm day.they have these funny big black birds here – look rather like large grackles.  they make the strangest noises – first they make a crackling kind of sound and then a very high pitched screech/whistle.  they were hanging around the table and suddenly one jumped up onto the empty chair next to me and then grabbed the piece of bread off my side plate!  i guess i had moved it too far away from my main plate!  he wasn’t able to hold onto it, but it surely did startle me!  once i threw him a few croutons he seemed to be satisfied and stopped bugging me.

we did a little laundry – after a nap, that is – once back here.  now just doing about nothing!  did fold and stuff the last of the kits i didn’t finish at home.  nearly 8:30 and i haven’t eaten dinner – hmmm.  no tv on either.  i hate it that i can’t get the cable stations so i can watch my harmless hgtv.  just can’t take any more emotional stimulations these days. ^_^ and the world series didn’t last very long, did it?!

tomorrow morning it’s back to reset the  booth – get out the kits, etc.  then back here to rest and then back in the booth for the preview , 5-10pm tomorrow night.  hopefully will be lots busier than market.

love and beauty