hi ya’ll

so, market its over.  i must admit it was a lot less then wonderful – for anyone.  very poorly attended – not sure why.  even worse than salt lake.  sooooo – am counting on festival to carry me!  need to make expenses and add a little to the bank account!  speaking of that – went in to check my balance and discovered they had already charged me for all 11 nights at this hotel!!  first of all – hotels never do that!  secondly – half of it needs to go on bobbie’s card!  yikes!  called the desk, they(she) claimed they’ve always done it that way.  NOT – stayed here two years ago and i know they didn’t do it then!! grrrr  we will stop at the desk before we head out and get that handled.

going to drive to galveston today – sightsee, have lunch, etc.  then back here to rest for the evening.  tomorrow we need to go in early and reset out booths, then back for a rest – then in again for the preview that’s 5 – 10pm.  then it’s four long days before the long drive home.

i was in costa mesa the weekend right before we left – and i do mean “right before”!!  had do drive home overnight, sunday night – good thing i did or i may not have gotten out!  left about 1 am, fought the wind till i went over the grapevine!  drove right past the orange country fires.  did stop and sleep once i was well beyond it all.  hard to sleep because in an rv you are parked with the trucks and sometimes they come and go – with much huffing and puffing of those big diesels!  aaarrgh.  made it home and to the rv storage with exactly 24 hours to unpack/rearrange/repack and sleep before heading out again.  somehow managed.  and we took a route that avoided the wind and fires.  took a little longer but it sure was pretty!!  we had to drive a little longer the next two days – but well worth it.  sure wish i had had my camera out of the ‘office’ bag – great views!!  i am going to find out what i need to do to add a camera card reader to this thing!  not happy it do’esn’t already have a built in ‘port’!!

ok, time to enjoy my day off!

love and beauty