November 2007

i was right!  there is a new family in the neighborhood.  there were 5 deer eating apples just a bit ago.  i have included a photo where you can clearly/nearly see 4 of them.  the matriarch? had already crossed the yard and was standing in the pathway – out of range.  looks like two adults, two yearlings and one from this year??  just guessing, on my part.  certainly explains the battle of the bucks the other morning – and assures me i did see smaller females earlier that morning.  well, can’t really tell about the younger ones yet.

4-deer.jpgthis was taken thru my very dirty window, so you may have trouble seeing all four.  that is the smallest one you can clearly see.  perhaps i’ll get another chance another day.

so, i finished that pesky bud on the extra large iris.  that makes that block truly finished!  then, i assembled the portable design wall i had purchased at market.  actually, they were across from me at piqf, but i wasn’t willing to commit funds at that point – was still digging my way out of a hole!  anyway,  i had a good bit of trouble getting it together – and could not get it to remain flat as the flannel seemed just a tad too small.  i finally called her – sure enough, they had received some that WERE too small, and as luck would have it – i got one.  a replacement is on its way.  i was able to get it wedged and leaning well enough to put the background on it and position all the circles.  had to move some around from where i had them originally – and added yet another mini.  that means i have 5 to do.  aaarrgh!  one is more than half done – the one for which i cannot find the drawing, that is!  it’s far enough along that i can trace what i have sewn, tho.  once i’ve done that, i’m sure the original will show up.  it’s looking like i will have to use a couple of them twice.  not sure.  usually people don’t notice that it’s the same design just done in different colors – for the samples in the booth. ^_^

planning to go help erv today.  he is supposed to be moved by end of month – which is only 4 days!  we shall see.  i will be providing mostly moral support!

sure wish Christmas were next month!!  this always happens – never seems like enough time!

love and beauty

once again i was too slow on the draw – ok, didn’t even think about it till long after.  what, you ask!??  well, i was brought to full consciousness – out of one of those early morning ‘do i really want to wake up here?’ states – by some major rustling of leaves behind the cottage.  in fact, once i was up on my knees peering out the window – ‘it’ was behind the shed.  so, i couldn’t even see what was making all that raucous (ok, so it tells me it’s misspelled, but not HOW to spell it – guess you know what i mean?)!  (oops, figured out how to fix it.)

back to the real story here – so, i kept watching and waiting for whatever it was to make it’s way into sight!  and then, there they were – two big bucks with antlers locked – duking it out!!  good grief, i thought they were going to destroy my entire yard/gardens etc!!  they literally bumped against the house, the wire fence, the oleander and then the propane tank – at which point i think they finally separated!  had they made it to the mound garden – would have been the end of it!!  whew!  i just wish i had thought to get the camera!!  could have gotten a great shot out this big window as they were right here – and that’s only about 8 ft away!!

i had heard something walking out there earlier – before it was actually quite light.  i managed to get myself up on my knees to look out that time also, and somehow they heard/saw me tho i thought i had made no real noise!  found myself looking right at a deer – only briefly as it and friend took off immediately.  i’m pretty sure they were females (they were smaller than those bucks!) and i was surprised cause the one(s) who normally visit here don’t even run when i go out the door!!  am wondering if we have some new kids in the neighborhood and the resident buck is not happy???  i have only seen one with a full rack and then one with just nubs – altho a long time ago there were two who hung out together.  perhaps they have now matured enough to need their own space??  very high energy out there!!  needless to say the dogs were also pretty excited.  didn’t let them out till i was sure big guys were gone!  dang, that would have been a great shot!  still half asleep, i guess.  at least that’s my excuse this time.

well, completed that yellow(ish) iris – cept for the beading.  was going to finish the mini, but couldn’t find the drawing!!  grrr.  have the templates, but no ‘picture’.  in the process of looking, i began doing more clearing and cleaning and re-storing, etc.  decided to just go on up and do what needed to be done to clear out the van, reorganize all the tubs and take some things to the mini storage.  (only in america do we have so much ‘stuff’ that we have to rent separate storage places.  disgusting)  stopped at h.d. for a lock so i could return the one erv had loaned me.  it was a small step, but progress none the less.  have decided i need to purchase those metal shop racks to use as storage/dividers in the garage – and take the big desk to mini storage as originally planned.  i mean, IT is the reason i rented that space!!

today i plan to finish the large iris – only have the bud to do.  then i think it’s time to assemble that portable design wall i bought and get the background out and begin placing these ‘circles’ so i know what colors to choose for the final mini’s.  you know, i could even get them all done by the end of this month!!  i need all the time i can get to design and sew the border(s)!!!  at least with these i knew what i was going to do!   yes, a little nervous here!  *_*

yellow-iris.jpgbeading not complete, but sewing is! yea!!

day after! ^_^  either you are like me and reslishing a day of relative inactivity OR you are already out there given’ it hell at the mall.  for my brother jay’s wife – this is a major family outing, at least for the ladies.  up at 5 a.m. and standing in line at their favorite huge mall in l.a. waiting for the doors to open.  good of you folks to keep the economy alive while some of stay home and veg for the day.

ok, so vegging is seldom the agenda for the day – and right now, not a possibility – what with the opportunity quilt project looming large!  not to mention the next holiday that always ends up costing me time and money no matter what my original intentions!  while i do my best to be scrooge, my santa nature always wins. ^_^

so, guess i’d best get to it.  here’s hoping your day was as pleasant as mine, that your meal was delicious and you get to do whatever you want today!

love and beauty

from turkey day, that is.  the day of prep, in order to make tomorrow less stressful.  that means the pies get made, the bread gets toasted and broken for the stuffing and the onions & celery  get chopped also.  it will be an interesting experience – using the new kitchen.  now that sounds like it should make my life a lot easier.  in some ways, yes.  however – all of my things got thrown into containers before the demolition began – and ‘stored’ in the garage.  not all of them made the cut – as in included in the new kitchen.  candace finally got to put her stuff in place – and, rightfully so.  just not sure what is there and what isn’t – that i’m used to using.  if you are a cook, you know it can be tough using someone else’s space and tools.  and we still have only one oven.  they tried, but the space just wasn’t there.  darn.  and they decided that since it is only needed once per year – and probably only if I cook – it wasn’t worth whatever cost required to put one in.  so, i guess we will once again make use of the outside bbq grill as an oven for sweet taters and extra stuffing dishes.

the other thing for me is – i really could have used another week of r&r before i had to do this!!  kinda don’t like these early dates for thanksgiving.  guess it does give a little extra time before the next biggie tho, huh.

and so – have a lovely day tomorrow.

love and beauty

every time i check the stats to see how many people have come to read this nonsense i am totally amazed at how they got here.

so, i am done for the year – at least with shows.  certainly not with obligations!!  i find myself struggling to do what i really NEED to be doing.  getting pretty creative at that avoidance thing.  at some point i think i will have to surrender and sit down with needle and thread and do something that qualifies as progress on that opp quilt!!  not to mention the shopping and prep required in order to feed folks on thursday.  every year it seems to just sneak up on me and i am not mentally ready!!  it just can’t be thanksgiving this very week!!!  guess that’s what happens when you stay away from home so much – life moves on without you!!

the show was less than spectacular – money wise.  still, cashflow is good.  paid a few more bills and have money to purchase goodies for thursday’s feast.  good thing, since the eagle doesn’t land until next wed!!  also not until the day after Christmas!  bummer.

ok, now it’s time to see if i can get to the needle and thread. or to the store. hmmmm

new-iris.jpgthis is the one i need to be working on.  while it is currently further along than this – NOT finished.  and that is also true of a couple others.  not to mention there are 2 that aren’t even yet in existence!  yikes.

love and beauty

again.  and i am essentially done with regard to product – am in the process of folding and bagging the tulip kits – had to print some covers.  and i added the web address!  so many people have told me to do that, i finally just gave in.  actually, there has never been a reason not to put it on the kit covers!  i don’t wholesale those anyway!  duh!!  i will add it to all the patterns – maybe just on that back sheet by my ‘signature’ at the end of the words??  and i will probably be changing those words also.  however – at this precise moment i do have several copies already printed and packaged – thanks to my inventory beefup for houston. ^_^

had a call from erv inviting me to breadfast – which i had already had.  so, we will be ‘doing’ lunch.  wonder who was the very first person to say that??  i told him 1:00, but i will probably to over there about noon and see if i can repack the van completely before we go eat.  then i plan to return here and do some sewing this afternoon.  wow – that’s assuming i remember how!! ^_^  ok, i did take some stitches while i was teaching this past weekend.  anyway, that opportunity quilt project is loomin large on my horizon!!  (hmm, i think i may have figured out the spell check thingie – i see some things underlined in that red wigglie line).  i can expect some calls from sandy and mary soon, i spect!  not to worry ladies – i WILL keep my promise, one way or the other.  won’t be doing much else the rest of the year, tho!!

mocha barking her head off somewhere – can’t tell if she’s up by the house or on the upper level of the property.  given ’em hell, tho.  good thing she’s so little and fast.  makes it like swatting a mosquito for that deer.

let’s see what picture i can put in this time.  i thought i had downloaded more than what i saw in the folder last time.  may have to put the card back in and see what else is there – just not right now.

sunrise.jpgsunrise, last day – leaving barstow.  yes, the town from the rte 66 song.  nice, huh? ^_^

did not get into the van at all today, not even to move tubs around.  just stayed down here and began clearing out some of the clutter.  also discovered i didn’t have to cut anything except overlay pieces for the tulips.  i still had unfolded sets from that marathon cutting i did.  yea!!  i even had the beads already in the tiny bags – for the iris.  so, all i have left to do is fold those big pieces for the tulips.  bobbie and i had already folded all the other pieces – just couldn’t finish the kits without that last piece.

how bout them celtics!!!  ok, so you probably aren’t a basketball fan.  and even if you are, maybe not a celtics’ fan.  well, too bad for ya!  cause this is going to be very fun season for us!  and i’d say maybe we earned it given what we’ve suffered thru the past several years!  kinda makes up for the bengals – well, maybe not.  yes, we do split our loyalties between cincy and boston around here. ^_^

i bit the bullet today and called erv and ‘invited’ him to come with me friday to help me setup.  the show is in stockton, which means just about 1 1/2 hr away.  so, i will drive back and forth.  however, i wasn’t looking forward to driving, setting up and then driving again.  and he has talked about wanting to come ‘to see what you do’.  so – i can have him do all the lugging in of the tubs while i am getting the booth put up.  maybe i can actually finish in less than 3 hours. ??  need to get back on the road before the traffic gets totally awful – being friday night and all!  not to mention there’s another game. ^_^

ok, going to put one picture in here and then probably give up and hit the hay.  feeling mighty sleepy right now.

traveling.jpg3 days going – 4 days returning – miles and miles of this.  yes, some mountains, but a lot more of this.

sunset.jpgand then it looks like this.

love and beauty

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