this could be the busiest day ever and it’s already been the best show i’ve ever done – not just the best festival, the best show anywhere!  needless to say i am HAPPY!! about that. ^_^   and not a minute too soon!!  maybe i really will end the year in the black!  that is, if i can stay away from the bead booth. ^_^

if you’ve never had the chance to come here – and you are a quilter, give yourself a treat some day.  just the quilt show part is fabulous – i mean, this is the best of the best of the world!  not that i get to see them.  oh well, maybe i can get out for a bit tomorrow – don’t expect it to be all that busy all day.  most of the attendees will go home either late today or tomorrow and most of the locals will come today.

ok, best go pack my lunch – how i hate doing that!  however, i do like to eat!  been fixing peanut butter and bacon sandwiches and it seems to help keep the mid afternoon slump to a minimum!  that hormel microwave bacon works just fine – found out about it at the last show, from jeff the furniture maker man. ^_^  doesn’t even require refridgeration and each slice requires just 5 seconds in the mw!!  crazy, huh!??

love and beauty