one more day – and a short one.  hope you remember(ed) to turn your clock back and didn’t get someplace an hour early. ^_^  we don’t start until 11:00 tomorrow, which is an hour later.  add the clock adjustment! and we get 2 hours extra sleep if we want.  trouble is, i’ll probably wake at the same time as usual – and that means it will be 5:00 AM!  aaaarrrrgh!

well, today was more like a normal show day – good, not great.  seemed really slow after the last few!   still, i’m already ahead of the last time i came here and have one more day.   i know it won’t be very busy – a normal show sunday, i spect.  most of the ‘attendees’ are heading home either today/tonight or tomorrow morning.  so, only locals – and with husbands, so not so much shopping.  and probably only really came to see the quilts!  i did stroll thru some of them this morning – just amazing, as always.  i strongly recommend a visit here to see the quilts if nothing else.  some of them are truly works of art.  and they are from all over the world.  however, when i got to the top prize winner, there was the husband of one of my applique society buddies (from auburn, ca) being the “quilt angel” for it.  funny.  i knew they were here, they had stopped by the first day.  and i know they always come.  i think they have a child/relative living in the area.

so, tomorrow is the last day.  i am kind of dreading that teardown and packup process.  mostly because of what a zoo it is to get your vehicle into the loading dock area in order to be able to load it!!  way more vehicles than space!  we have even been parking at a small lot across the street because we couldn’t get into the loading dock area.  for the preview night they just kept letting people come in – weren’t charging – and it took forever to find even a slightly ‘illegal’ space!  next morning they were charging $7 and turning us away.  the small lot across the street is only $5, so we’ve just gone there instead each day.  tomorrow people will be arriving early in order to get inside the gate!  some will even have put their vehicles in there today and left them!  oh well, everyone will get out eventually.  we aren’t going anywhere until mon morning, so doesn’t matter that much, i guess.

ok, ’bout time to give it up.

love and beauty