stop #2 – first one was in sonora, TX last night after a lovely visit in san antonio on the way.  we decided to take the more northern route home and took i-25 up to i-40 to go across.  we avoided albuquerque(sp??) by taking a tiny, but lovely road which also eliminated about 30 miles and rush hour traffic.   i managed to get a sunset picture, tho not a good one, i’m sure.  first of all i procrastinated about removing my seat belt and digging it out from a ways back.  then, there were so many bugs on the windshield you probably won’t see anything else – and the best of it had already happened anyway.  can’t add it here now – will have to wait till i’m at home on the desktop.

so, here i am, a bit wired from the late coffee i had so i could keep driving after bobbie pooped out.  my problem is that i must be in hanford, ca by friday eve in order to teach a class on sat.  soooo, need to get home as early as possible to have a little time to rest before i get back into the car to drive – 7 hours (at least), if i recall.  ugh!!  i had hoped to get home on wed, now i’m sure it will be thurs morning as i don’t teally want to do the last leg at night – unfamiliar road, etc.  ahhh, the price of fame.  ho ho ho

love and beauty