somehow i made it thru all of that!  what a hectic couple of weeks – no, more like a whole month or more. 

we arrived here about 2:30 yesterday afternoon.  it was a lovely drive as we came up 395 to 89 to 50.  no hwy 99 with all the trucks and rough pavements.  no coming thru sac on hwy 50.  just beautiful roads and scenery and not much traffic of any kind, and then the drive down from the edge of south lake tahoe.  hard to beat that.  yes, some steep hills and sharp curves and a little narrow road on 89 – worth it!  and, yes, i did get some pictures!  when i get back from this short trip, i will begin adding them here.  the camera is still up in the van right now.  plus, i have a lot to do before i head out again.  this time i can’t avoid 99, darn.  on my way down to hanford to teach a class at quilters’ quarters tomorrow.  still openings if you’re interested. ^_^

kinda tired, i must admit.  and sinuses giving me fits what with all the climate and altitude changes over the past 4 days!!  and things a bit different here from when i left – fall has definitely come to visit.  we don’t have reds, but lots of gold and rust – and lots already on the ground!  oh, the dogwood is burgandy – as is the red plum.  the driveway is covered in a blanket of bright gold big leaves.  don’t know what kind of tree it is, but the leaves are really big and they look beautiful now.

ok, more work to to do to get ready.

love and beauty