i was planning to go get my sophie dog today, but have decided to just give my poor body a rest!!  during the brief less than 24 hours i had here before heading out to the class, my fall bronchial condition returned.  while i don’t feel bad, i sound like i’m about to die when i cough.  and my ears were NOT happy when i went back down the hill!!  i was still feeling deaf over 3 hours later when i arrived in hanford!  then this morning i discovered some blood in my ear when i finally took a q-tip to it to ease the ‘itching’.  hmmmm

so, the class was a success i think.  there were  7 people, including the shop owner.  all expressed gratitude and said they truly enjoyed and learned a lot.  whew!  ya just never know. ^_^

the drive home was less than wonderful as it began to rain long about manteca, i think.  and the traffic got heavier there also.  at first, it was ok – then once it began raining hard, my wipers didn’t completely clean the window (yes, the blades are new – replaced them before leaving for houston and never used them).  there seemed to be a film left behind that reflected the light and made it difficult to see!  not too bad until i left the freeway.  because it seems such a long long way on 99 to 50, i chose to exit at grantline road (the way i had come).  big mistake.  i just couldn’t see the road!  i managed to get to the main road that cuts over to 50 without mishap!  however, it turned out to be under heavy (re)construction – kind of a good thing, really.  the lanes were very clearly maked with those white ‘poles’.  still, i was very happy to get onto hwy 50 for the last miles up the hill!! 

 it rained all night.  thought it was going to be clear today – looking like it’s at it again now.  very light, but my poor old awning is dripping again.  i had hoped to get it down before these rains came.  oh well.  could use the extra light in here now!

ok, i am inserting just one picture – can’t even recall which small town it was.  just know it was on old rte 66.  we had gotten off the freeway in search of coffee (espresso) for bobbie.  perhaps i’ll remember eventually. ^_^

train.jpg  so when’s the last time you had to do this?? ^_^

love and beauty