did not get into the van at all today, not even to move tubs around.  just stayed down here and began clearing out some of the clutter.  also discovered i didn’t have to cut anything except overlay pieces for the tulips.  i still had unfolded sets from that marathon cutting i did.  yea!!  i even had the beads already in the tiny bags – for the iris.  so, all i have left to do is fold those big pieces for the tulips.  bobbie and i had already folded all the other pieces – just couldn’t finish the kits without that last piece.

how bout them celtics!!!  ok, so you probably aren’t a basketball fan.  and even if you are, maybe not a celtics’ fan.  well, too bad for ya!  cause this is going to be very fun season for us!  and i’d say maybe we earned it given what we’ve suffered thru the past several years!  kinda makes up for the bengals – well, maybe not.  yes, we do split our loyalties between cincy and boston around here. ^_^

i bit the bullet today and called erv and ‘invited’ him to come with me friday to help me setup.  the show is in stockton, which means just about 1 1/2 hr away.  so, i will drive back and forth.  however, i wasn’t looking forward to driving, setting up and then driving again.  and he has talked about wanting to come ‘to see what you do’.  so – i can have him do all the lugging in of the tubs while i am getting the booth put up.  maybe i can actually finish in less than 3 hours. ??  need to get back on the road before the traffic gets totally awful – being friday night and all!  not to mention there’s another game. ^_^

ok, going to put one picture in here and then probably give up and hit the hay.  feeling mighty sleepy right now.

traveling.jpg3 days going – 4 days returning – miles and miles of this.  yes, some mountains, but a lot more of this.

sunset.jpgand then it looks like this.

love and beauty