again.  and i am essentially done with regard to product – am in the process of folding and bagging the tulip kits – had to print some covers.  and i added the web address!  so many people have told me to do that, i finally just gave in.  actually, there has never been a reason not to put it on the kit covers!  i don’t wholesale those anyway!  duh!!  i will add it to all the patterns – maybe just on that back sheet by my ‘signature’ at the end of the words??  and i will probably be changing those words also.  however – at this precise moment i do have several copies already printed and packaged – thanks to my inventory beefup for houston. ^_^

had a call from erv inviting me to breadfast – which i had already had.  so, we will be ‘doing’ lunch.  wonder who was the very first person to say that??  i told him 1:00, but i will probably to over there about noon and see if i can repack the van completely before we go eat.  then i plan to return here and do some sewing this afternoon.  wow – that’s assuming i remember how!! ^_^  ok, i did take some stitches while i was teaching this past weekend.  anyway, that opportunity quilt project is loomin large on my horizon!!  (hmm, i think i may have figured out the spell check thingie – i see some things underlined in that red wigglie line).  i can expect some calls from sandy and mary soon, i spect!  not to worry ladies – i WILL keep my promise, one way or the other.  won’t be doing much else the rest of the year, tho!!

mocha barking her head off somewhere – can’t tell if she’s up by the house or on the upper level of the property.  given ’em hell, tho.  good thing she’s so little and fast.  makes it like swatting a mosquito for that deer.

let’s see what picture i can put in this time.  i thought i had downloaded more than what i saw in the folder last time.  may have to put the card back in and see what else is there – just not right now.

sunrise.jpgsunrise, last day – leaving barstow.  yes, the town from the rte 66 song.  nice, huh? ^_^