every time i check the stats to see how many people have come to read this nonsense i am totally amazed at how they got here.

so, i am done for the year – at least with shows.  certainly not with obligations!!  i find myself struggling to do what i really NEED to be doing.  getting pretty creative at that avoidance thing.  at some point i think i will have to surrender and sit down with needle and thread and do something that qualifies as progress on that opp quilt!!  not to mention the shopping and prep required in order to feed folks on thursday.  every year it seems to just sneak up on me and i am not mentally ready!!  it just can’t be thanksgiving this very week!!!  guess that’s what happens when you stay away from home so much – life moves on without you!!

the show was less than spectacular – money wise.  still, cashflow is good.  paid a few more bills and have money to purchase goodies for thursday’s feast.  good thing, since the eagle doesn’t land until next wed!!  also not until the day after Christmas!  bummer.

ok, now it’s time to see if i can get to the needle and thread. or to the store. hmmmm

new-iris.jpgthis is the one i need to be working on.  while it is currently further along than this – NOT finished.  and that is also true of a couple others.  not to mention there are 2 that aren’t even yet in existence!  yikes.

love and beauty