from turkey day, that is.  the day of prep, in order to make tomorrow less stressful.  that means the pies get made, the bread gets toasted and broken for the stuffing and the onions & celery  get chopped also.  it will be an interesting experience – using the new kitchen.  now that sounds like it should make my life a lot easier.  in some ways, yes.  however – all of my things got thrown into containers before the demolition began – and ‘stored’ in the garage.  not all of them made the cut – as in included in the new kitchen.  candace finally got to put her stuff in place – and, rightfully so.  just not sure what is there and what isn’t – that i’m used to using.  if you are a cook, you know it can be tough using someone else’s space and tools.  and we still have only one oven.  they tried, but the space just wasn’t there.  darn.  and they decided that since it is only needed once per year – and probably only if I cook – it wasn’t worth whatever cost required to put one in.  so, i guess we will once again make use of the outside bbq grill as an oven for sweet taters and extra stuffing dishes.

the other thing for me is – i really could have used another week of r&r before i had to do this!!  kinda don’t like these early dates for thanksgiving.  guess it does give a little extra time before the next biggie tho, huh.

and so – have a lovely day tomorrow.

love and beauty