day after! ^_^  either you are like me and reslishing a day of relative inactivity OR you are already out there given’ it hell at the mall.  for my brother jay’s wife – this is a major family outing, at least for the ladies.  up at 5 a.m. and standing in line at their favorite huge mall in l.a. waiting for the doors to open.  good of you folks to keep the economy alive while some of stay home and veg for the day.

ok, so vegging is seldom the agenda for the day – and right now, not a possibility – what with the opportunity quilt project looming large!  not to mention the next holiday that always ends up costing me time and money no matter what my original intentions!  while i do my best to be scrooge, my santa nature always wins. ^_^

so, guess i’d best get to it.  here’s hoping your day was as pleasant as mine, that your meal was delicious and you get to do whatever you want today!

love and beauty