once again i was too slow on the draw – ok, didn’t even think about it till long after.  what, you ask!??  well, i was brought to full consciousness – out of one of those early morning ‘do i really want to wake up here?’ states – by some major rustling of leaves behind the cottage.  in fact, once i was up on my knees peering out the window – ‘it’ was behind the shed.  so, i couldn’t even see what was making all that raucous (ok, so it tells me it’s misspelled, but not HOW to spell it – guess you know what i mean?)!  (oops, figured out how to fix it.)

back to the real story here – so, i kept watching and waiting for whatever it was to make it’s way into sight!  and then, there they were – two big bucks with antlers locked – duking it out!!  good grief, i thought they were going to destroy my entire yard/gardens etc!!  they literally bumped against the house, the wire fence, the oleander and then the propane tank – at which point i think they finally separated!  had they made it to the mound garden – would have been the end of it!!  whew!  i just wish i had thought to get the camera!!  could have gotten a great shot out this big window as they were right here – and that’s only about 8 ft away!!

i had heard something walking out there earlier – before it was actually quite light.  i managed to get myself up on my knees to look out that time also, and somehow they heard/saw me tho i thought i had made no real noise!  found myself looking right at a deer – only briefly as it and friend took off immediately.  i’m pretty sure they were females (they were smaller than those bucks!) and i was surprised cause the one(s) who normally visit here don’t even run when i go out the door!!  am wondering if we have some new kids in the neighborhood and the resident buck is not happy???  i have only seen one with a full rack and then one with just nubs – altho a long time ago there were two who hung out together.  perhaps they have now matured enough to need their own space??  very high energy out there!!  needless to say the dogs were also pretty excited.  didn’t let them out till i was sure big guys were gone!  dang, that would have been a great shot!  still half asleep, i guess.  at least that’s my excuse this time.

well, completed that yellow(ish) iris – cept for the beading.  was going to finish the mini, but couldn’t find the drawing!!  grrr.  have the templates, but no ‘picture’.  in the process of looking, i began doing more clearing and cleaning and re-storing, etc.  decided to just go on up and do what needed to be done to clear out the van, reorganize all the tubs and take some things to the mini storage.  (only in america do we have so much ‘stuff’ that we have to rent separate storage places.  disgusting)  stopped at h.d. for a lock so i could return the one erv had loaned me.  it was a small step, but progress none the less.  have decided i need to purchase those metal shop racks to use as storage/dividers in the garage – and take the big desk to mini storage as originally planned.  i mean, IT is the reason i rented that space!!

today i plan to finish the large iris – only have the bud to do.  then i think it’s time to assemble that portable design wall i bought and get the background out and begin placing these ‘circles’ so i know what colors to choose for the final mini’s.  you know, i could even get them all done by the end of this month!!  i need all the time i can get to design and sew the border(s)!!!  at least with these i knew what i was going to do!   yes, a little nervous here!  *_*

yellow-iris.jpgbeading not complete, but sewing is! yea!!