i was right!  there is a new family in the neighborhood.  there were 5 deer eating apples just a bit ago.  i have included a photo where you can clearly/nearly see 4 of them.  the matriarch? had already crossed the yard and was standing in the pathway – out of range.  looks like two adults, two yearlings and one from this year??  just guessing, on my part.  certainly explains the battle of the bucks the other morning – and assures me i did see smaller females earlier that morning.  well, can’t really tell about the younger ones yet.

4-deer.jpgthis was taken thru my very dirty window, so you may have trouble seeing all four.  that is the smallest one you can clearly see.  perhaps i’ll get another chance another day.

so, i finished that pesky bud on the extra large iris.  that makes that block truly finished!  then, i assembled the portable design wall i had purchased at market.  actually, they were across from me at piqf, but i wasn’t willing to commit funds at that point – was still digging my way out of a hole!  anyway,  i had a good bit of trouble getting it together – and could not get it to remain flat as the flannel seemed just a tad too small.  i finally called her – sure enough, they had received some that WERE too small, and as luck would have it – i got one.  a replacement is on its way.  i was able to get it wedged and leaning well enough to put the background on it and position all the circles.  had to move some around from where i had them originally – and added yet another mini.  that means i have 5 to do.  aaarrgh!  one is more than half done – the one for which i cannot find the drawing, that is!  it’s far enough along that i can trace what i have sewn, tho.  once i’ve done that, i’m sure the original will show up.  it’s looking like i will have to use a couple of them twice.  not sure.  usually people don’t notice that it’s the same design just done in different colors – for the samples in the booth. ^_^

planning to go help erv today.  he is supposed to be moved by end of month – which is only 4 days!  we shall see.  i will be providing mostly moral support!

sure wish Christmas were next month!!  this always happens – never seems like enough time!

love and beauty