December 2007

finished!! and now i have added about as many leaves as i’ve already sewn.  dang.  and not exactly hard at it at the moment.  perhaps once i write this and grab a bite to quiet my stomach, i can be really productive. 

my biggest problem right now is the lack of space in which to hang the quilt so i can actually see what i am doing.  designing like a blind woman is not fun.  not when the finished product is supposed to wow everyone enough to inspire the purchase of a ticket (or 6!)  i am very very frustrated.  and am determined to do something about it over the  course of this year.  somehow, someway – i WILL enlarge this cottage and create a studio that works.  i would like to design and make some quilts and/or wallhangings to sell and don’t see that happening is THIS space as it is.  onward and upward!!

happy new year and all good things to all!

love and beauty

well, it still isn’t finished and probably won’t be by the time i quit tonight – had a break for a bengals’ game and there is also a celtics’ game this evening – after which i doubt that i will do any more stitching.

so, here it is now.  had tom hold it for me and not great light up there, so had to lighten it, which messed up the colors a tad.  am right now adding another stalk – and the top two leaves are just pinned on – not sure how many more leaves will be going on.  there will be at least two additional stalks (more than what is on the picture.)

opp6.jpgso, guess i’d best get back to it here. 

love and beauty

ever so slowly the bamboo is coming to life on the quilt.  hopefully i can finish it sometime tomorrow.  had hoped it would be done by tonight.  sometimes i have a hard time staying focused and working. (had to quit for dinner and games once family back home!!) ^_^ and hand applique is just a slow process, period!  most of it is done – we shall see if you get see it tomorrow.

the snow was quickly gone and followed by lots of rain – at least at this level.  in fact, i think the real snow level went back up over 4000 feet.  still, i’ll bet those mountains will look gorgeous again once the clouds are gone.  and there were certainly a lot of folks coming thru town to get up there when i went to the store late this afternoon.  seems like they should have been up there already by this time! ?? for those of you who have no idea where placerville is – it is right on highway 50, between sacramento and south lake tahoe, and it is the only place along the highway where you must stop for traffic lights – before you get to south lake.  the other route to the lake is i-80 and it goes thru auburn and over the infamous donner pass and on to reno.  you have to take a side road to get to north lake tahoe.

at this time of year you can often drive just about 10 minutes (& 1000 ft)to reach some snow.  and usually only about 45 to the first ski resort and real snow.  normally we are lucky to see a couple of dustings.  last year we got quite a bit, if i recall. i’m happy with dustings.  done all the driving in snow i need to do – in my most recent past life. ^_^  still, have found myself in it a couple of times this past year.  one of the hazards of driving over mountains!!

ok, more tomorrow – hopefully a picture of the completed quilt top!!!!

love and beauty

not much, still pretty as a picture out there.  it was a wet snow, so every tiny twig was fully loaded.  as a result, the trees looked much snowier than the ground.  ok, they still do, but it is melting fast.  here’s a couple pics.

snow1.jpg      snow2.jpgi especially like the dead hot water heater in this one.  aaarrrrgh  a tad heavy for me to move and just haven’t remembered to enroll tom and candace in its removel!  kinda matches the box of junk/trash in the yard in the first picture.  hey, i really am a hillbilly, ya know!

ok, back to work.

love and beauty

getting very close to adding “from H___”, if you know what i mean!  my dear friend bobbie and i spent most of yesterday redoing those borders!  and after all the trimming and cutting and sewing – i can’t say they look all that much better!!  i can say that the quilt background is now square and the border seams are pretty straight.  however, for some reason there is still a bit of a ‘ruffle’ effect at the outer edge of the borders.  the biggest problem being that lower left corner – which is exactly where the bamboo applique is going. grrrrr.  we just threw up our hands and said that carla will have to make it all go away when she quilts.

so, today i will begin the bamboo.  i think i will try steaming that seam first.  can’t hurt.  i will post a picture once i have finished the applique.  don’t forget – this is a quilt you could own!! ^_^  just let me know if you want to buy a ticket or two. ho ho ho

it is cold today – only 29 deg when i got up.  so, not exactly toasty in here!  it was only 50 – all the way up to 60 now.  i WILL have that handled by next winter!!  somehow!  in the meantime, using the two tiny bathroom-type heaters and the big light above the cutting table just to keep from freezing.  good thing i prefer sweats!! ^_^

love and beauty

and that’s that.  no gifts for bigger folks – only the silly ones i gave them and the ones in my stocking.  but the little guys had plenty.  doesn’t last long, does it?!  even with the semi-controlled way we do it.  actually, this time, since only little guys with gifts – tom & candace just had them sit side by side and brought a gift for each in succession – rip,tear, ooooohhh, what’s next. etc.  ^_^  now everyone seated in front of a tube and relaxing.

i took lots of pics of my “kid” playing with her toy. ^_^  could NOT get one of her walking toward me with it in her mouth, dang.  nor could i capture the ones with the toy being hurled into the air.  as expected, the squeeker was out within about 15 min.  still, she did have a great time with it.  and i know she will continue to chew and toss the empty thing.  so here’s a pic or two. ^_^


and here’s one with mocha the man eating/deer chasing chahuahua

both-dogs.jpgi had this one cropped to eliminate the stupid ugly chairs, but that one wouldn’t download and i forgot to do it with this one.  c’est la vie

so, i still have a dinner to cook, not a lot of work.  just my homemade mac & cheese and a ham.  i may be driving down to pick up the teens – depends on whether they are able to find someone down there to drive them to the meeting place.  and my brother is coming.  thought i had it all worked out – as he drives right past the pickup place.  however, his van is currently in the same condition as mine – that is, seats have been removed!  and he can’t get to his to install them – tucked behind something extremely heavy in the storage bldg.  aren’t we americans something – with all our STUFF!!

have a great day!

love and beauty

well, i’ve spent all i can squeeze out of that credit card i think.  hopefully i have everything i need.  the last stuff, from today is still in the van.  i actually went with erv.  he had invited me to breakfast, and we ended up doing all my shopping afterwards.  then, when we got home, rachel came out, so i couldn’t get the bags out of the car.  had him transfer them while i went inside with rachel. 

i had a call from tom while still downtown – candace was looking for the cookie cutters.  now, i’m not at all sure howcome she couldn’t just call me.  instead, she called tom and tom called me (he is at work).  so, after looking in the garage – where rachel informed me they had already looked – went inside to look – and found them.  so, they are doing what i failed to remember to put into the schedule to do – making some Christmas cookies.  the regular sugar kind that you cut out and then decorate.  i did it last year – while the teens were still here – and had said it would be a good thing to do each year.  forgot. 😦  really good that candace is home today and can do it with rachel.  big girls not here anymore.  soooo, hopefully i will remember this next year!!  a whole new grandma career.  i have to admit, it’s nice to have little ones around again at this time of year. ^_^

and now i will go up and ‘help’.  one small problem – i did find my door wide open when i got down here.  that means rachel had been down here looking for me – and i had all the stocking stuffer ‘junk’ all over the cutting table.  it is a higher table, but pretty hard to miss all that candy, i think.  hopefully she was too busy looking for me.  guess candace didn’t realize i was gone since my car was still here.  oh well, and so it goes.

merry Christmas to all, even if it’s not what you celebrate – just have a great day tomorrow!!

 love and beauty

ok, i have stalled as long as i can.  i must venture out today and tomorrow.  while i don’t have much to spend, it is still my ‘job’ to fill the stockings.  personally, i think it’s the toughest job of all!  first to find fun little things.  and then – to wrap all those tiny pieces – for 7 people stockings – plus two dogs ^_^. ho ho ho  i am hoping that once i am out there and ‘in it’, i will get infected with some of the ‘spirit’.  so far have managed to stay in a form of denial about the whole thing.  most of that has to do with the major shortage of funds.  hate it when that happens!!

i’ll report in later.  wishing ya’ll successful shopping also.

love and beauty

so here is the main part of the quilt with all the motifs on.  i just delivered it to sandy to have her add the borders.  i will be getting it back tomorrow, probably – and will add the bamboo.  i’m pretty well satisfied with it.  yea!!  and they liked it too – now that’s a good thing!

have actually begun working on that cyclamen i drew such a long time ago. (is that how it’s spelled?)  i have all the prep work done, including the tracing onto the background and the clear vinyl overlay made – to use for overlapping pieces and for placement once the white chalk has worn off – which it always does before i’ve finished.  (that’s another ‘tip’, by the way. ^_^)

so, guess i’ll stop this and do that.


love and beauty

i just had to get a picture of this last bit of fall color before the rain robbed all the gold.  while i went outside to take the picture, this is essentially what i see out the (dirty) kitchen window each morning as i am preparing my coffee.  this is a Christmas Apple tree – so named because it doesn’t ripen until nearly thanksgiving (my guess).  and the leaves didn’t turn until about that time, much later than any other such trees around here.  in fact, the plums were about bare before the apple was losing its green!

ok, so i have to admit that here in calif. it doesn’t get as bleak and grey as back in ohio.  while some trees do lose their leaves – many do not.  and, once the rains return, the grass actually turns green again – lovely!!  so it’s never grey here.  however, since it has been raining for a couple of days, often – like right now – with some fog – well, not exactly ‘sunny california’-like!  so, that wonderful bright spot of gold is nice.  i do still have some blooming flowers also, but since the nights in the 30’s, the impatiens have lost all their color – not gone, just not blooming.  also, there are paperwhites blooming. (keep forgetting to cut them and bring them in!  kind of going to waste out there.)  and the flowering maple just keeps going – lots of blooms on it.

last-color.jpgmaybe you can even see those little white flowers within the fence – to the left of the gold.

had my appointment in san rafael yesterday – and once again, big winds on the highway.  my life is definitely in some kind of transition! big energies around me for months now – wind, fire and even water (driving rain!). ^_^ wahoooo!

love and beauty

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