ok, i’ve been holed up in this tiny cottage for several days now.  just me and this quilt!!!  and i have reached that stage where i am doubting everything – my design, my ability to stitch, my ability to complete the required designing etc etc etc. aaarrrgggh  not to mention now thinking no one will like it well enough to even buy a ticket.  too much time alone with my inner critic??

so, decided to pretend i’m talking to someone – other than sophie or mr pepe.  while sophie at least perks up her ears to show she’s listening – mr pepe often/mostly just ignores me.  and neither of them has much to say. ^_^  well, not that i can understand, anyway.

i am at the stage of the quilt that i thought was going to be ‘easy’ – obviously i didn’t really think about it!!!  i definitely have a new appreciation for those huge hawaiin quilts!!  it is no easy feat to needle turn way away from the edge of the quilt!  i mean it just doesn’t all roll or bunch up to fit nicely in your left hand so you can get TO what you are sewing – to help with the needle turning.  and the two larger ‘rings’ have taken 5-6 hrs of sewing EACH – add to that, time to draw them, cut them out and get them pinned in place!  oh, the pins!  lots of them.  and my right arm looks like i’ve been blackberry picking!  pins sticking out everywhere!!

so, here is a picture of it with all the motifs just pinned on – no attempt to make the backgrounds ‘circular’.  i was just working on placement/balance, etc.

opp1.jpgyou may notice, it is on a real design wall, and that’s a whole story within itself.  it’s one of those portable ones – 6 feet square!  i’ve now taken it back down as it’s a bit large for my space.  couldn’t get to my clothes, etc.

so here’s what i’ve finished so far – the plain white circles are just placement templates.  all of the motifs are finished except for the very last mini – needs two more pieces (very small ones).  and the third larger one needs a few more beads.  it’s that yellow one i’ve shown here before.  if you haven’t been here before, look down thru some of the recent posts if you’re interested.

opp2.jpgwell, they are supposed to look rather like they are floating on the  background of black.  noticing that the largest one doesn’t look like a circle because the framing circle disappears (as intended). hmmmmm  oh well, too late now.

love and beauty