mr pepe is at it again!

after i finished with that post last night, i got up from this chair, moved it back under the table, walked into the bedroom and turned on the light, walked back out (essentially over the spot where the chair had been), picked up the phone to put it onto the charger over by the window – then headed back toward that same spot to pick up the motif from the shelves – and there it was!!  a big dead rat!  i mention all that walking around, back and forth over the same spot cause it was right there!!  must have been placed under my chair when mr pepe came in while i was creating that post!  he jumped up onto the table, which puts him right at my left elbow – and was bothering the heck out of me.  you know, trying to get into my lap, rubbing on my arm, etc etc.  wanting me to see his gift, i guess!!! i have no idea how i avoided stepping on it! (no, not a city sewer rat!  field or ‘roof’ rat.  significantly larger than a field mouse!)  it is now resting in peace in the composter.  dang cat!

ok, it is nearly 10:30 and i have not yet begun to sew.  been trying to start stitching by 10:00.  so – see ya later!

love and beauty!