not as much as hoped – still, some.  two more mini’s on and the third pinned in place, which counts for a good portion of the time it takes.  these little ones require at least 2 (per) hours for just stitching, and not sure how much time for the prep. 

 there were games to watch tonight, so i quit sewing about 6:00.  a good night in sports for us – both boston teams won.  yea!  lovin those celtics this year.  what a relief after the past few years!!!  we remained true, but it was surely painful to watch sometimes.

so, here’s a couple pics.

opp3.jpg this one is just to show how many pins i use, just for where i’m actually sewing. ( it reminds me of those ‘antique’ circles that pins used to come on.)  and you can’t see all the ones underneath that are holding the white background in place until that inner edge gets sewn.

opp4.jpgand here it is with what i’ve done today.  sorry, using my pseudo design wall in the studio, so can’t get a clear shot now.  slowly, ever so slowly it goes. ^_^

love and beauty