just how this blog really works.  i mean, i see that some folks get here thru tags, like applique.  i just  tried to do that and couldn’t.  guess i just don’t know how – as applique was not a current option in the tag list.  evidently you have to find it within a few minutes of my having written this and put that tag on the posting???  or – i go in using a more complete address – with the /’s and such e.g  /tag/applique?  is a puzzlement. ^_^

ok, what i’m really doing here is avoiding working.  am down to the very last mini yet to be sewn on!  worked very hard yesterday- first finishing the beadwork and then sewing that last larger motif on.  somehow still managed to finish by 5:30.  i have realized that preturning and pinning is a great time saver for this application.  i will be doing  a “tip” post later today.  for now, i need to get that mini pinned and ready to sew, at least.  going with the family to cut a tree and tom said sometime before noon, probably.  so, will get it pinned and begin sewing and just be ready to go when he calls.

i am beginning to feel better about the border and that whole design problem – well, slightly.  have found some drawings that i think i can use as inspiration.  and it looks like the border width needs to be 6″, not the 4″ i was thinking.  now i still have to choose a fabric – am really hoping i have something on hand.  i’ve also decided that once i have the bamboo appliqued, i will give the border pieces to my lucky partner in this project and have her sew them onto the main part. ^_^  then, once they are on, there will be some additional pieces to applique – ones that overlap from border into center.  once those are done – it’s carla’s job to make it look spectacular.  stay tuned ^_^

love and beauty