i just had to get a picture of this last bit of fall color before the rain robbed all the gold.  while i went outside to take the picture, this is essentially what i see out the (dirty) kitchen window each morning as i am preparing my coffee.  this is a Christmas Apple tree – so named because it doesn’t ripen until nearly thanksgiving (my guess).  and the leaves didn’t turn until about that time, much later than any other such trees around here.  in fact, the plums were about bare before the apple was losing its green!

ok, so i have to admit that here in calif. it doesn’t get as bleak and grey as back in ohio.  while some trees do lose their leaves – many do not.  and, once the rains return, the grass actually turns green again – lovely!!  so it’s never grey here.  however, since it has been raining for a couple of days, often – like right now – with some fog – well, not exactly ‘sunny california’-like!  so, that wonderful bright spot of gold is nice.  i do still have some blooming flowers also, but since the nights in the 30’s, the impatiens have lost all their color – not gone, just not blooming.  also, there are paperwhites blooming. (keep forgetting to cut them and bring them in!  kind of going to waste out there.)  and the flowering maple just keeps going – lots of blooms on it.

last-color.jpgmaybe you can even see those little white flowers within the fence – to the left of the gold.

had my appointment in san rafael yesterday – and once again, big winds on the highway.  my life is definitely in some kind of transition! big energies around me for months now – wind, fire and even water (driving rain!). ^_^ wahoooo!

love and beauty