well, i’ve spent all i can squeeze out of that credit card i think.  hopefully i have everything i need.  the last stuff, from today is still in the van.  i actually went with erv.  he had invited me to breakfast, and we ended up doing all my shopping afterwards.  then, when we got home, rachel came out, so i couldn’t get the bags out of the car.  had him transfer them while i went inside with rachel. 

i had a call from tom while still downtown – candace was looking for the cookie cutters.  now, i’m not at all sure howcome she couldn’t just call me.  instead, she called tom and tom called me (he is at work).  so, after looking in the garage – where rachel informed me they had already looked – went inside to look – and found them.  so, they are doing what i failed to remember to put into the schedule to do – making some Christmas cookies.  the regular sugar kind that you cut out and then decorate.  i did it last year – while the teens were still here – and had said it would be a good thing to do each year.  forgot. 😦  really good that candace is home today and can do it with rachel.  big girls not here anymore.  soooo, hopefully i will remember this next year!!  a whole new grandma career.  i have to admit, it’s nice to have little ones around again at this time of year. ^_^

and now i will go up and ‘help’.  one small problem – i did find my door wide open when i got down here.  that means rachel had been down here looking for me – and i had all the stocking stuffer ‘junk’ all over the cutting table.  it is a higher table, but pretty hard to miss all that candy, i think.  hopefully she was too busy looking for me.  guess candace didn’t realize i was gone since my car was still here.  oh well, and so it goes.

merry Christmas to all, even if it’s not what you celebrate – just have a great day tomorrow!!

 love and beauty