and that’s that.  no gifts for bigger folks – only the silly ones i gave them and the ones in my stocking.  but the little guys had plenty.  doesn’t last long, does it?!  even with the semi-controlled way we do it.  actually, this time, since only little guys with gifts – tom & candace just had them sit side by side and brought a gift for each in succession – rip,tear, ooooohhh, what’s next. etc.  ^_^  now everyone seated in front of a tube and relaxing.

i took lots of pics of my “kid” playing with her toy. ^_^  could NOT get one of her walking toward me with it in her mouth, dang.  nor could i capture the ones with the toy being hurled into the air.  as expected, the squeeker was out within about 15 min.  still, she did have a great time with it.  and i know she will continue to chew and toss the empty thing.  so here’s a pic or two. ^_^


and here’s one with mocha the man eating/deer chasing chahuahua

both-dogs.jpgi had this one cropped to eliminate the stupid ugly chairs, but that one wouldn’t download and i forgot to do it with this one.  c’est la vie

so, i still have a dinner to cook, not a lot of work.  just my homemade mac & cheese and a ham.  i may be driving down to pick up the teens – depends on whether they are able to find someone down there to drive them to the meeting place.  and my brother is coming.  thought i had it all worked out – as he drives right past the pickup place.  however, his van is currently in the same condition as mine – that is, seats have been removed!  and he can’t get to his to install them – tucked behind something extremely heavy in the storage bldg.  aren’t we americans something – with all our STUFF!!

have a great day!

love and beauty