getting very close to adding “from H___”, if you know what i mean!  my dear friend bobbie and i spent most of yesterday redoing those borders!  and after all the trimming and cutting and sewing – i can’t say they look all that much better!!  i can say that the quilt background is now square and the border seams are pretty straight.  however, for some reason there is still a bit of a ‘ruffle’ effect at the outer edge of the borders.  the biggest problem being that lower left corner – which is exactly where the bamboo applique is going. grrrrr.  we just threw up our hands and said that carla will have to make it all go away when she quilts.

so, today i will begin the bamboo.  i think i will try steaming that seam first.  can’t hurt.  i will post a picture once i have finished the applique.  don’t forget – this is a quilt you could own!! ^_^  just let me know if you want to buy a ticket or two. ho ho ho

it is cold today – only 29 deg when i got up.  so, not exactly toasty in here!  it was only 50 – all the way up to 60 now.  i WILL have that handled by next winter!!  somehow!  in the meantime, using the two tiny bathroom-type heaters and the big light above the cutting table just to keep from freezing.  good thing i prefer sweats!! ^_^

love and beauty