ever so slowly the bamboo is coming to life on the quilt.  hopefully i can finish it sometime tomorrow.  had hoped it would be done by tonight.  sometimes i have a hard time staying focused and working. (had to quit for dinner and games once family back home!!) ^_^ and hand applique is just a slow process, period!  most of it is done – we shall see if you get see it tomorrow.

the snow was quickly gone and followed by lots of rain – at least at this level.  in fact, i think the real snow level went back up over 4000 feet.  still, i’ll bet those mountains will look gorgeous again once the clouds are gone.  and there were certainly a lot of folks coming thru town to get up there when i went to the store late this afternoon.  seems like they should have been up there already by this time! ?? for those of you who have no idea where placerville is – it is right on highway 50, between sacramento and south lake tahoe, and it is the only place along the highway where you must stop for traffic lights – before you get to south lake.  the other route to the lake is i-80 and it goes thru auburn and over the infamous donner pass and on to reno.  you have to take a side road to get to north lake tahoe.

at this time of year you can often drive just about 10 minutes (& 1000 ft)to reach some snow.  and usually only about 45 to the first ski resort and real snow.  normally we are lucky to see a couple of dustings.  last year we got quite a bit, if i recall. i’m happy with dustings.  done all the driving in snow i need to do – in my most recent past life. ^_^  still, have found myself in it a couple of times this past year.  one of the hazards of driving over mountains!!

ok, more tomorrow – hopefully a picture of the completed quilt top!!!!

love and beauty