finished!! and now i have added about as many leaves as i’ve already sewn.  dang.  and not exactly hard at it at the moment.  perhaps once i write this and grab a bite to quiet my stomach, i can be really productive. 

my biggest problem right now is the lack of space in which to hang the quilt so i can actually see what i am doing.  designing like a blind woman is not fun.  not when the finished product is supposed to wow everyone enough to inspire the purchase of a ticket (or 6!)  i am very very frustrated.  and am determined to do something about it over the  course of this year.  somehow, someway – i WILL enlarge this cottage and create a studio that works.  i would like to design and make some quilts and/or wallhangings to sell and don’t see that happening is THIS space as it is.  onward and upward!!

happy new year and all good things to all!

love and beauty