it is in carla’s capable hands!!  as usual the trip to her house to “drop off the quilt” resulted in several hours of lively conversation ranging from the quilting designs, what color thread and oh by the way – what’s your philosophy on life. ^_^  somehow that always happens when i go there.  i think that’s the real reason she sometimes doesn’t respond when i email or call.  ok, i know it’s the internet server and the telephone malfunctioning really – but not really.  ^_^  (part of the afore mentioned conversation.)

 i had hoped to get home in time to do something on that cyclamen – hah!  i left here at 10:15 and got back home after 4:00!  ok, so i did spend a long time choosing a new cellphone. (after meeting sandy and getting the black batting) yikes, that was expensive!  (the cellphone, that is) and after my visit with carla i had to go to radio shack to purchase new batteries for my home phone(s).  and that meant getting into the stupid traffic on the road under construction – which is supposed to ultimately handle the terrible traffic situation there.  we shall see.  then, back thru the same traffic to the store for something for dinner, since i offered to cook tonight.  not doing anything fancy!!  left over ham from Christmas (which i had frozen) cut up into good ole mac & cheese.  bought a loaf of garlic bread to spice it up and will add some kind of veggie – which i forgot to buy.  not sure what i can find here.  they usually use canned – yuk.  hmmm

once home i had the same old routine to do with the girls.  they have been here for a few days and doing about as before – with ‘nothing’ being on the high end and making a mess on the other.  grrr  they were given ‘orders’ to clean up the kitchen so i could cook.  we shall see.  i may find no one home by the time i go back up.  teenagers!!!!!

love and beauty