been looking like 5 pm since about 2:00 – big storm on the way.  rain, not very cold, 50’s, so not a snow storm!  and that weather report had bobbie call with a request to bring stuff over today, even tho we don’t leave until tues!  ugh, i really didn’t want to go back out again.  but – given this time i am NOT the one in command and at the wheel – i must practice my slowly developing allowing someone else to be in ‘control’.  so, i pushed, pulled, moved etc to get to the things i could hand over to be packed – everything except the product tubs.  i think they are ok, but i need to check one more time – AND decide just how many kits i want to take.    also, sandy’s hubby delivered the quilt back – a day early because it might be raining hard tomorrow. ????  i haven’t checked the weather, but sounds like it is supposed to rain all the time before we leave.

well, i took a couple pictures with my new cellphone – i wonder if i can get them onto this laptop.  forgot i just have to ’email’ them rather than doing a card reader download.  let’s see what happens. 

packing.jpgso, here’s woody attempting to load/pack the toy hauler portion of the new 5th wheel – that in which we will be soon driving across the country. i finally had to just leave – partly because i really did have to get back here and sew; partly cause i just couldn’t deal with it.  tough for a master packer to watch an amateur. ^_^  he was still mumbling when i left, i think.  actually had thrown in the towel for the day as i noticed he was closing it all up even before i got into the van.  and this time it’s just not my problem.  yea!!  neither the grouching nor the packing. ^_^  that’s bobbie – she will have to deal with it.  sometimes i do remember how come i’m single.  sometimes i forget and wish i weren’t.

i took another picture to show how big that trailer is!!  it hasn’t arrived yet – seems like it shouldn’t take this long.  only had to travel about 2 feet from cellphone to this laptop.  ^_^ and it’s been long enough that it really is dark out there now.  maybe it got lost.  if it arrives tomorrow, i will post it then.

love and beauty