well, we made it safely.  as expected, woody did all the driving.  bobbie tried to convince him she could handle it on the straight, flat section – just to give him a break.  not to mention, as my friend geri always said, ya gotta be able to drive it just in case the old fart keels over on ya while you’re on the road.  sorry, perhaps not terribly delicately stated – still, true.  i mean, what if he just gets too sick to drive, or something.??  not to mention that a man who has been driving for two full days get pretty cantankerous!  but, we are here and all is well at the moment.

ok, so i am being serenaded by the pump while woody is taking a shower – and both the pump and the dripping water sound as if my feet are doing to get wet. ^_^  still, overall, it’s a really nice rig, and without this hide-a-bed open – there’s plenty of room to move around in this living area.  their bedroom is definitely very nice.  only problem with having a guest on board – ME! – is that the ‘bathroom’ is actually in their bedroom.  which, being a 5th-wheel, is up a couple steps.  now the toilet is actually a little water closet, but the shower and sink are IN the bedroom.  i will definitely be showering in the park facility in the morning!!  and, fortunately, i seldom have the urge during the night – tho i’ve been assured it is ok.  once we have unloaded/setup tomorrow – i will be using the “toy” section for my bedroom – which won’t solve the toilet situation/problem, but will put me behind a door away from them – albeit, with no heat, but what the heck, that’s the way i sleep at home!  it will also eliminate this bed in the way here.

so here is the picture of the rig – took forever for it to reach my computer from my phone!! so couldn’t show before i left.

long1.jpghome sweet home – at least for these two weeks.

they have both, now retired for the night.  feeling kinda tired myself.  my body thinks it’s 8:30, but local time is 9:30.  guesss that makes it ok to give up for the day.

love and beauty