another day 1 is over – did pretty well, so that’s a good thing.  and then we headed to the restaurant we went to last year.   texas roadhouse – you may have one in your area and if so – you know it can be a long long wait for your table.  you also know it’s worth it.  so, here i am – overstuffed ^_^, yes, and smiling.   and, yes, i have dinner for tomorrow as well.  i ate the ribs and saved the steak.  yum  only problem, i have no wine, dang.  hate it when that happens.  one thing that seems hard to find in this city is a grocery store.  everyone was pretty tired, so i just didn’t insist we find one.  however, you can bet we will before this time tomorrow night. ^_^

here’s hoping for a great day tomorrow.

love and beauty