well, we have survived another show.  it was pretty good – altho sunday was a bit of a ‘no show’.  it’s amazing how much faster it goes with 3 people ‘tearing down’.  it usually takes me at least 2 hours to get it down and out and packed before i pull out.  we were back here in the trailer in just 2 hours.  still, a little stressful for a control freak who has just her own way – dont cha know. ^_^

we had a lovely day today – just back from an all day excursion at the desert museum – most of which is an outdoor experience.  the weather was perfect and there is sooooo much to see there.  we went with my vendor buddies from “glitz and glamour” (they do the iron on sparklies).  woody is reviewing the pictures he took even as we speak here.  we got a really good first hand experience of the cactus wren – the subject of bobbie’s latest design.  (it sold really well – can’t say the same for my cyclamen.  wrong area i think)  anyway, if you’re ever in the area i highly recommend a visit – just leave lots of time!  i’m going to get woody to send me a couple of pics to share on here.

we are all yawning again – all that fresh air can do it to ya.

love and beauty