so, here i am in those blasted winds again.  the old santa anna’s are all the way over here – only this time they are a bit chilly and blowing dust around.  supposed to be gone by the time we are ready to leave, which is very good news for woody.  handling this big long trailer in a cross wind is not exactly fun.

my my my – why DO people come down here to do this?  just to escape some cold weather???  not exactly toasty here!  and here we are, tucked in between two other rigs in a space barely wide enough for the slideout – altho there is also a parking place on the opposite side, just on the other side of the little piece of concrete called a patio.  there is a pool and spa and rec room and darts’ room, etc etc etc.  but here in the ‘house’ – not an inch of privacy with the shades up.  and nothing green on the ground – only at the top of the smallish trees – which all have snow white trunks.  other than the white, they look like orange trees. (without fruit).

at first i thought there was no shower room, but found one this morning. whew!  i do hate using the shower in here.  first, not mine. second, in their bedroom!  third, just not all that big.  ^_^

yikes, just looked at my hands!  this dry air is finally getting to me.  i thought it was ‘bad’ at home!  much worse here – beginning to look like a fish all over!

ok, speaking of that shower – about time to go use it and get ready to go setup.  unfortunately, given how hard it is to get into this spot, we will once again have to load it all into the pickup – not an easy fete, i might add!  woody has decided not to go so we can use the whole back seat and thus maybe get it all in better??  we shall see.  i suspect we will still need to take some stuff tomorrow.  or do two trips today??  we only have 4 hours for setup, so we will have to be somewhat efficient. ^_^

ok, off to the shower.

love and beauty