it’s another d-day for me – to tracy to setup for the show this weekend.  it’s at 10th and east street, just off 11th st.  well, duh –      10th would normally be just one block from 11th i’ll bet. ^_^  anyway, if i remember correctly – you end up on 11th if you take the tracy exit off i-5 (not off i-205).  if you take the tracy blvd exit off i-205, you would then turn left on 11th & right on 10th.  you’re looking for the tracy community center.

the jacket class went well!  both ladies are doing the flannel jacket and we made really good progress.  only sleeves and trim left to do, yea!  they both seemed well pleased.  the jacket itself is very easy to put together.  it’s the fabric placement and construction of the patchwork pieces from which you cut the actual jacket pieces that gets confusing.  there are worksheets included with the pattern to make it a little easier to keep track. 

blk-wht-front.jpgthis is the front view of it (duh, like it would be open in the back!)  this is one that i got confused with when i made it!   the left front and and right sleeve (as worn, not as viewed) should be reversed with regard to the light/dark fabric placement.  when i checked the sample in the shop – dang if i hadn’t made the same mistake again.  geeeezzz fortunately i pay better attention with my students! ^_^

ok, gotta go – time to clean up the body and get the last stuff to the van.  taking the rv and supposed to be camping in someone’s driveway.  called her last night to discover she was out of town.  her husband seemed a bit ‘uninformed’ – probably thought he was talking to some kook! ^_^  well, ok, not far from wrong!  fortunately she is due home today.

love and beauty