of rain. of wind. and of slow slow slow shows.  what else can i say at this point – as the wind whips around outside and the rain slams against the windows.  ok, i can say i am sooooo glad to be home!  and not having to hit the road again for about a month.  lovely.  the drive there on friday and the stretch on 50 tonight were pretty stressful.  that big box is quite a wind target and i get bounced around a lot. (dang, that wind is really blowing! seldom get rain pounding on the windows.  guess i’d best be turning this thing off.  this is when we lose power. )

only one small problem – the rv is parked across the entrance to the driveway – which means i must get up and move it so tom can go to work in the morning.  at least i was able to pull far enough in that i am not in the ‘red’ zone the fire department painted off!  and there were no trees hitting the top.  (cept at the beginning of the street).  so, this is what i will be able to do each time, now.  turns out the rv storage place has finally tightened up their security.  they are now doing what they said they were doing before – you can get thru the gate with the lock combination, and only from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm.  then security comes and turns on the alarm, for real and about that time – not 9:45 like before.  so, there is no way to get in after 7:30.  and i am seldom home before that unless i have decided to wait and come home monday morning.  the other option was to go to where erv is currently living – another storage place not far away – and have him drive me home.  then hitch a ride with tom in the morning.  i wasn’t thrilled with that option and was happy to think about the one i chose.  was even happier when i found out i fit within the ‘legal’ parking space.  plus, before i take it to storage, i can remove all the product tubs so i can get them reorganized and restocked.  yea!

oh how i am looking forward to sewing those new designs!  i’ll keep you posted.

love and beauty