it is so beautiful out there right now.  seldom does the snow come during the day like this.  usually sneaks in under cover of darkness. ^_^  and it wasn’t even raining first, so everything was quickly covered.  how lovely.  and ain’t it great – i have no place to go today, so i can just thoroughly enjoy it.  how divine.

snow.jpgok, i could have gone to another location where you didn’t have to see the ugly tank and awning skeleton. ^_^  oh well, welcome to my world.  you see, i can look out there and just not see those things – i only see God’s beauty, not what i have added that is slightly less beautious. ^_^

ok, today is about doing something worthwhile – get rid of the accumulated clutter that results from preparing for shows and being gone most of the time.  as well as doing some laundry.  AND, getting fabrics chosen to begin sewing samples for those new iris mini’s.  want several of them ready for the watsonville show!  probably can only do them as individuals in the short time before that show.  however, i do want to offer them as a collection of some sort – i mean used together in SOMEthing.  we shall see.

love nd beauty