February 2008

the oleander is finished, the pattern and kit covers are printed and the words are typed.  so now i just need to final draw it and get it to office max – well, ok, once i have copies i must fold and stuff them.  oops, and just rememberd i didn’t do a back page – the one with words and fabric requirements, etc.

here’s a peek ole-72.jpg  i also need to get it onto the page.  oh, and cut the last (overlay) piece for the kits.  i cut a full set when i cut for what i used to make the sample.  i think.

guess i’d best get back to it here!  friday will be here in the blink of an eye!  setup begins at 11:00, so i can leave here around 9:30 and miss the morning stuff.  well, will have to leave here earlier – in order to get everything from the rv and into the van.  oh joy.  show’s in manteca.

love and beauty

just couldn’t help myself – had to take another sunset picture.  i had just sat down here and happened to glance out the window.  wow!  i resisted for a few minutes, then found myself out there again.  i tried to do the non-flash version, but it was just getting too dark and i didn’t have the tripod with me – so came out really blurry.  oh well, just a little green in the foreground.  not orange or pink this time – blood red!

hope you can see something – looks quite dark.

sun-again.jpgmaybe be better when you look at it bigger???

have nearly finished the oleander – will post the picture tomorrow.

love nd beauty

well, that was some weather over the weekend – at least here in calif!  we lucked out down there – not as bad as predicted.  the wind kind of missed us.  not so for the rain, tho.  and so it goes.  made enough to stay afloat another week. ^_^

so – now i must get busy and see if i can get the oleander done!!  did finish the second mini iris after i got home yesterday.  i’m planning to just fuse the third one and see if i can get the wallhanging together in time.  sounding pretty ambitious given i have just 3 days – and this one is nearly half gone already!  and i have to go out – can’t mail checks without stamps!  probably need to set them all up to pay online!  not sure why i don’t just do that!  hmmm  maybe next month.

love and beauty

this is it, my last chance to prepare both body and business & product.  i did a major shift at the beginning of this week – and stopped my frantic activities to get new samples sewn and patterns published.  given my state of health, frantic activity seemed not the best for me, so instead, i elected a more contemplative approach.  i have done only what was absolutely needed – restocked and reorganized, and rested! 

at this point the whole process still feels a tad daunting – the driving and the work – so i am just trusting that it is all ok.  cannot even consider backing out.  that looks rather like financial suicide.  but there’s a deeper aspect that showed up in my journaling this morning.  i have chosen to live in a question i’ve often heard and been advised to ‘try’ – that is “what would Love do?”  it seemed to be the answer to my oft asked question (prayer) – what the heck am i “SUPPOSED” to do???  you know, that ‘quest’ for Divine guidance – as opposed to following my mind’s incessant chatter.  i must admit that in the past, the ‘what would love do’ thing just sounded like the road back to self sacrifice in the name of ‘serving’ others.  a path i certainly followed for the first 50 years of my life – well trained by the women who came before me!!  so, after 18 years of digging to uncover who/what i am and what i want – well, the thought of returning to only considering what others want was just not an option.  what i realized today is – Love would care for me as well!  i mean, really – it’s LOVE, for cryin out loud! ^_^

so, gave myself lots of time with the journal – interesting stuff today.  i still have some laundry to do – i think it’s ready for the dryer even as we speak!  will meet up with  bobbie and pass the quilt to her for the trip to manteca tonight.  sure hope how she was feeling yesterday wasn’t the prelude to this flu!!  if so, she promised to find someone else. (watch out shirlene!)  after that meeting, i will go to the rv and transfer tubs and then bring the rv home with me.  it will make the final prep so much easier – to load all the personal stuff directly and just leave from here in the morning.  just means a little jockeying  so tom can get into the driveway when they get home.  and i will probably leave before, or about same time as they in the morning.  nice and easy, that’s the ticket.  ^_^

ok, tried to get a picture of the finished quilt.  just no place big enough in this cottage.  this is the best i could do – and didn’t even bother to take any of the actual quilting.  sorry.  my brother took a bunch.  may get him to send them to me to share with ya’ll.

quilt.jpgasian iris moons!  this IS our guild opportunity quilt, so if you’d like to purchase a ticket, let me know. ^_^ $1.00 each or 6 for $5

love and beauty

not something that often happens to me, but i did manage to let the current flu bug get me.  been down and out since saturday, and still hacking away today.  i was pushing myself thru the oleander, until today – i finally just  gave up and decided to only worry about what i knew i could (& must) handle by friday morning.  like restocking, etc.  kept thinking i’d be like new in the morning – not quite yet!

however – i did get this far on it.  it was while i was drawing the templates for those last two flowers that i realized i wasn’t really ‘well’ enough to do them!  they were seeming really really difficult – so decided i’d best just wait till next week.  rats.

ole-4.jpgso, there you have it – and it is actually a day later than when i started this post.  computer decided to be weird yesterday.  haven’t done any more sewing, so this is how it is now.

SPRING!  the first sign of it in this yard is the blooming of the early almond tree – and there they were, yesterday – those lovely pinkish white blossoms.  yea!! i’m also seeing the very first hints of green on the plum tree.  wow, just looked at the one outside the big window and i swear i see more than i did two hours ago when i wrote to my brother about it! amazing!

spring.jpg        sprg2.jpg i swear, i don’t know how the two old withered trees survive, let alone produce each year.  the other one will bloom later.  in the orchards in the valley, they plant them in alternating rows – the early and the ‘later’ one, that is.  such a welcome sight for me.  soon the yard will look like eden, at least for a little while.  then, once the rains stop and the heat sets in – not so much, but still nice. ^_^

love and beauty

and this is how it looks after today’s session.  i may get the buds on the ends of those tiny stems at the top.  i thought there was a hockey game tonight – not so.  so, perhaps i will just stay down here – unless i get a call for dinner. ^_^

ole-3.jpgguess i could have lightened it a little.  oh well, there will be another one tomorrow.  really need to get it finished so i have time to publish and cut kits.  feeling the stress trying to get hold of me.  while i haven’t completely loafed during this down time – i can admit i could have accomplished more.  and now i have only one week.  dang!

doing my best to stay healthy.  tom and candace have been very sick all week!  and, yes, i was right there in the living room with them.  can’t miss those games! ^_^  i have been coughing a LOT today, hopefully will not lead to the rest of what they had – aches, pains, fever and losing food, etc.  usually i don’t get sick from ‘germs’.  only when my body is trying to tell me something – like slow down, stupid!  and i have been eating healthier this week – part of the plan to rid my body of some excess and highly distasteful (to me) FAT!  we shall see.

and that’s about it for today. 

love and beauty

well, while i can’t  boast of a lot of sewing progress for yesterday – i can claim what i would call ‘great strides’.  i awoke with one of those ‘already in my head’ realizations.  sometimes i speak of them as something i ‘hear’ from the voice in my head.  no, not that nagging, inner critic, nasty one.  this is the one that nudges me in the ‘right’ direction!  and this time it was telling me to stop avoiding things.  specifically, all those tiny little tasks that would often take no more than a minute or two – and yet, the other voice convinces me i really don’t have time.  the end result being – a dirty and cluttered space and suppressed creativity!!  and something akin to the current buzz word – depression. 

what i have realized is, that kind of avoidance ends up sucking the very life out of me.  soooo – i just took a deep breath and began.  first with laundry.  then with little piles here and there.  then with the shelves.  and i worked my way thru a lot of it.  AND did my best to catch myself in the act!  like the dust/hair accumulation on the nightstand.  took me no more than a couple minutes to make it go away.  no, not a big deal like get out some fancy polish and special rag, etc.  just grab a tissue, or used up dryer sheet and wipe the poor thing clean!  and that little pile of clothes intended for hospice.  at least get them folded and by the door for transfer into the van.  0k, that’s another one of those areas.  how many days/weeks/months do you carry that ball of plastic bags around in your car before you remember to take them in with you?  for me, sometimes many!

anyway, i am now sitting in a much clearer space.  no, did not get carried away and get out the vacuum. ^_^  certainly need to.  maybe i will have to do that today.    and, just for the record – what i’m talking about is not being a neat-knick!!  i am talking about anything that triggers a thought every time you look at it.  and maybe even if you can actually SEE it and can acknowledge (even UNconsciously) that it doesn’t belong there or needs some attention!  you know, the “oh my god, look at the dust on that” – like i just did with the base of the monitor!  yes, did force myself to get one of the wipes and somewhat clean it  and several other little places in the area. (a swiffer-type thing is also useful for this type of spot cleaning).

ok, that’s enough of that!! sorry. ^_^  i actually did some other good stuff.  like organize, inventory and replenish all the show tubs.  i have a few kits to assemble.  don’t think i have to cut any – still have some from that major cutting binge i did.  eventually will have to do that again.  makes life much easier in the long run!

and, i have 3 small stars cut.  and i finally dragged the cats down here.  no, not the real ones! ^_^  the ones that still need faces – the “crazy mixed up cat” sample.  carla waiting for it to quilt.  hard to believe it actually might get finished after all these years!!  this one:


well, if i am to accomplish anything today, i’d best get to it.  will start with the  bedsheets – which are already washed and waiting to go into the dryer.  then??  my choices are endless. ^_^

love and beauty

just thought i’d post the progress for today.  i also finished the first half of the mini iris.  planning to force myself to work on one of them tonight.  no games to watch, at least not with tom.  may find one on cable that i’m semi-interested in.  i usually watch hgtv, but i swear they keep running things i’ve seen – and some more than once!  hopefully david’s show will be a new one tonight.

i have this flower oriented properly this time.  not sure how the other one got turned around.  funny, this is my least favorite oleander color in real life, but i’m really likin’ this sample.   yep, it must be the spring-like look of it. ^_^  happy.

ole-2.jpgi will be adding a piece at the base of the sideways blossom and a center to the other one.  need to choose a yellow.  i drew the centers tiny ovals, but now i don’t  remember how they really look.  don’t want to wait till they bloom.  ^_^  maybe i can find a picture online??  see if i want to add some beads.

i haven’t forgotten the skinny stems ‘lesson’.  will get to it eventually.

there goes that sunset show again – already bright tangerine!

love and beauty

however slight it might be.  put two more stars together and watched a lot of golf.  huh?  well, yes – a couple weeks ago i discovered that watching golf had a very calming effect!  no violence – even that cleverly disguised as a ‘sport’.  i mean those pros rarely throw their clubs around!  they may, on rare occasion take a whack at the ground, i guess.  i mean after their swing at the ball. sooo, decided to give it another go today.  pebble beach, pro-am qualifying rounds going on.  my my, was it beautiful down there today – as it was here.  and, just think, i get to be in that area in june! (for the monterey quilt show)  how nice.

so, sewing was slow going – just kind of relaxed.  just now i have finished preparing to begin the oleander.  am trying out that new clover white pen/pencil – the one that is supposed to disappear with heat – from an iron, or even a hairdryer.  will see if it lasts thru the whole applique project.  will still have to do a vinyl overlay for placement of overlapping pieces.  i did cut the pieces of fabric i will need – estimated how much of each i will need to put into the kit.  i will do the sample using that same size – to make sure it’s enough.  i’m really liking the spring-like colors.  would love to finish both this one and the paperwhites before watsonville.  yes, and those pesky mini iris’s.  i’ll keep you posted.

i can see another fabulous sunset brewing out there.  is currently in the bright yellow, pale peach and light blue stage.  i will resist the urge to take more pictures – unless i can’t. ^_^

there will be a hockey game to watch tonight – so perhaps there will be dinner also.  last night we had both games, along with pizza (yum) – and both teams won exciting games! (as in the final few seconds or overtime!!)  and a good time was had by all. ^_^  and, yes – hockey and basketball are a couple of “those” sports.

love and beauty

ok, confession time.  i just have to admit that part of the reason i am having such a hard time working on those mini iris samples is – i’m a little tired of doing them.  i mean, i worked so hard and so steady to get the opportunity quilt done, and it was all iris!  now, trying to do the same ones over again so soon – not easy for me.  never do like doing something twice! 

however, i did get more than halfway thru the first half of the second one.  it is two blossoms, mirror imaged and i finished the worst of one.  i also decided to do something semi-radical – i’m going to fuse the third one – the one with THREE blossoms – and then combine the handsewn and fused ones in the sample for the kit for the wallhanging.  my ‘reason’ will be to show folks they can be done either way.  truth is, i’m just ready to move on to something else!

so, i did choose fabrics for the oleander.  i also used the copier to enlarge the drawing, just a tad.  it still fits within the 10″ circle i usually use, but some of the tiny pieces are just a little bigger.  and i’m going to use a dark green background, not black.  hey, it’s spring!  need to lighten up just a little. ^_^

now here’s a picture of the kind of other crazy thing i love to do – and what i did yesterday to avoid sewing.  no, the day before!  yesterday i cleared some stuff out of the garage!!  erv came over and brought the rest of the shelving and we put them up – yea!  turns out they are from the hardware store that closed not long after we moved here.  they are those two-sided metal ones and there is a piece of pegboard separating the two sides.  it can also be used with pegboard hooks.  i will probably only use the shelves on my side, but tom may want to hang stuff on his side??  i positioned them across the garage, to kind of section my part off – so told tom he could have the other side.

ok, back to the picture.  these are not “stack & wack”!!  i am not a fan of that process – too wasteful.  these are fussy cut.  some were sewn on the machine.  the current ones are being done by hand just cause i want to sit in my comforable chair and sew.  i have a vague idea of what i’m going to do with them – very vague.  my plan is to just keep making them until i’m ready to do something.  the 8 pointed ones are set with ‘corners’ to create a block.  the 6 pointed (& smaller) ones will be appliqued on.  somehow they will be combined.  somehow is the important word there – like i really don’t have a clue at the moment.  just plan to have some fun making them. ^_^

stars.jpgi’ll take a real close closeup another day.  this fabric was out a year (maybe 2?) ago.  bright colors and metallic.  3 or 4 colorways and 2 or 3 different designs.  i didn’t think quickly enough to get them all.  they do make lovely stars!

love and beauty

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