to get more motivated, here!  i keep thinking i will get up and just get going and produce miraculous results.  not happening.  i also keep thinking i am actually going to have a day when i don’t have to go anywhere – unless i want to.  that hasn’t happened either.  dang!

today it was a trip to the vet with mocha – the man-eating chahuahua.  she had been giving her hind end a lot of attention lately – and yesterday also began acting ‘clingy’ – as in curling up near your feet, mostly invisibly, and thus causing both of you to risk of harm when YOU moved!  which happened while i was cooking last night (up there).  so, just over $100 and a mini cone around her neck later(plus antibiotics, of course) – i am back home.  and it is ‘afternoon’ and somehow just not the same energy as i have when i start early and stay with it.

did manage to find some fabric so i can cut the coneflower kits i need.  have two to mail to arizona.    those ladies may be beginning to think i forgot!  and these days – that’s often a very safe bet. 😦  perhaps i can push myself thru the cutting process – once i’ve lolly gagged here playing some games.  and what the heck happened to my intention to actually do some sewing??!!

ah, speaking of that – i do need to get those cats finished.  the folks at fons & porter are waiting for the finished sample – to review for/in their magazine!!  now wouldn’t you think that would be inspiration enough!?  ok, truth is, february is just a tough month for me.  ready for spring.  and speaking of that – i can kinda feel it out there today!!  lovely sunshine right now.  looks like more clouds rolling up the hill toward us, tho.  nice now – great after all that rain again yesterday!

love and  beauty