well, i did enjoy that lovely sunshine yesterday and it was all the more sweet because i could see what was coming toward us.  it’s not that i don’t like, or appreciate the rain – goodness knows we need it around here, since it doesn’t show up for months in the summer!  it’s just my february thing – which has as much to do with some family history as the fact that it is about the last of ‘winter’ in this neck of the woods.  and i am usually very ready for spring.

got those kits cut and will be shipping them today.  as expected – i received a call this morning from one of the ladies.  i assured her it would be in her mailbox by tues or wed – going out priority mail today.  i was able to assemble the two i needed easily.  then i have one barely acceptable fabric (for petal undersides) that will give me just 3 more.  so, once again i am on the search for fabric.  anyone have some batik-like, rose colored metallic “lightening” fabric?  i know, sounds weird, but if you have some you will know what i am talking about. ^_^

once i have taken these things to the mailbox – i will cut some fabric and begin those mini iris samples – i promise!!

oh, the opportunity quilt will be – IS, having its debut appearance today.  it is 1st saturday and that’s a special day at high sierra – ‘my’ quilt shop.  that means lots of folks come to share and shop – a perfect opportunity to sell some tickets!!  sure hope it does!  if you’re in the area – stop on by! ^_^  it’s a great shop.  cameron park in the bel air shopping center, right next to the freeway.  yes, i have actually learned to say freeway – not expressway.  no longer sound like a foreigner around here. ^_^

love and beauty