here’s the first new sample of one of the mini iris designs i’ll be publishing soon – once the sample are done.  hoping to get 3 of them done before the next show – at least.  going to do the single, double & triple – this being the single. (these are some of the new ones i did for the opportunity quilt) then see if i can get them into one piece like the three ginko’s, and put together a kit.    this photo is taken with the new camera- which i finally got brave and installed the software for on this computer.

iris-single.jpgwell, that didn’t work too well.  i have probably distorted this picture trying to get it smaller.  not sure howcome i somtimes don’t get a ‘thumbnail’ version when i upload.

the other brave thing i did was to give away the new computer i had never fired up!!  it has been sitting here since last march – yes, nearly a whole year!!  just too busy and was afraid to risk moving the business stuff over to it.  you know, computer projects are pretty much like plumbing projects – NEVER as simple as first imagined/advertised, etc etc.  the hassle i went thru when i moved everything down here taught me a very valuable lesson in that category.  yes, it also showed me i still have a brain that works well, and i figured most everything out on my own.  and it took way longer (days!!) than planned. not to mention some different hardware, etc etc etc.  since then, not had that kind of time to spare.  so, am still operating with the tv sitting where the monitor should be and the monitor off to my left.  gotten kinda used to it. ^_^

so, tom’s computer has been slowly dying – the kids (teens) just about ruined it – and it probably has some kind of virus, etc etc.  i just decided to give him my new one – no sense having it sit here for several more months!!  so that’s how he has spent his day – moving only the files he wants from one to the other.  and now maybe they can use the new webcam candace’s mom gave them.  hope so.  for sure they will have sound again.  and a cd drive that works.  and i have just a tad more storage space. life is good! ^_^

whoa!!  just let mr pepe out again and that sleet/popcorn snow that was falling a moment ago has now covered the ground!  can you believe it – there was lovely sunshine, and orange clouds dotting a blue sky as the sun went down!  these foothills are something!!

love and beauty