i’ll bet some of you had trouble getting that last picture to download.  i think the new camera just makes ’em too ‘big’ – i couldn’t get it onto the webpage.  then i did some adjustment and it was fine.  i will certainly do that in the future when i put one on here.

ok, now i have stalled as long as i can – need to just buckle down and start on the second one.  i do have something to show for my time tho – have finished my tax input into quickbooks except for the mileage in the rv.  forgot all about that info when i picked up other things yesterday.  once i have that i can eliminate the last false profit showing up now!  then do the taxcut thing and file it online and i’m done.

love the sunshine today!  still chilly tho.  have you noticed that even when it still feels like winter, the birds sound like spring?  or is it just my imagination? ^_^

love and beauty