as i was sitting here last evening, i happened to look out the window – and this is what i saw! (God settin’ the woods on fire) ^_^

sunset1.jpggrabbed the new camera and out i went!  tried it thru the window first, but not skilled enough to know how to quickly convert to non-automatic setting – which means, in full auto, the flash comes up when IT decides.  which only added glare from the glass. even outside there is some effect – you will notice the bush at the lower right.

hmm, i’m looking at the two pictures that got saved and the first one is very noticeably sharper – however, that one is huge, in data terms.  took forever to upload, etc.  so, i adjusted to make it easier for ya’ll.  i mean, it’s not a competition!  ^_^  just hope it still looks nice enough!

ok, back to it here.  need to be making some stitches.

love and beauty