ok, confession time.  i just have to admit that part of the reason i am having such a hard time working on those mini iris samples is – i’m a little tired of doing them.  i mean, i worked so hard and so steady to get the opportunity quilt done, and it was all iris!  now, trying to do the same ones over again so soon – not easy for me.  never do like doing something twice! 

however, i did get more than halfway thru the first half of the second one.  it is two blossoms, mirror imaged and i finished the worst of one.  i also decided to do something semi-radical – i’m going to fuse the third one – the one with THREE blossoms – and then combine the handsewn and fused ones in the sample for the kit for the wallhanging.  my ‘reason’ will be to show folks they can be done either way.  truth is, i’m just ready to move on to something else!

so, i did choose fabrics for the oleander.  i also used the copier to enlarge the drawing, just a tad.  it still fits within the 10″ circle i usually use, but some of the tiny pieces are just a little bigger.  and i’m going to use a dark green background, not black.  hey, it’s spring!  need to lighten up just a little. ^_^

now here’s a picture of the kind of other crazy thing i love to do – and what i did yesterday to avoid sewing.  no, the day before!  yesterday i cleared some stuff out of the garage!!  erv came over and brought the rest of the shelving and we put them up – yea!  turns out they are from the hardware store that closed not long after we moved here.  they are those two-sided metal ones and there is a piece of pegboard separating the two sides.  it can also be used with pegboard hooks.  i will probably only use the shelves on my side, but tom may want to hang stuff on his side??  i positioned them across the garage, to kind of section my part off – so told tom he could have the other side.

ok, back to the picture.  these are not “stack & wack”!!  i am not a fan of that process – too wasteful.  these are fussy cut.  some were sewn on the machine.  the current ones are being done by hand just cause i want to sit in my comforable chair and sew.  i have a vague idea of what i’m going to do with them – very vague.  my plan is to just keep making them until i’m ready to do something.  the 8 pointed ones are set with ‘corners’ to create a block.  the 6 pointed (& smaller) ones will be appliqued on.  somehow they will be combined.  somehow is the important word there – like i really don’t have a clue at the moment.  just plan to have some fun making them. ^_^

stars.jpgi’ll take a real close closeup another day.  this fabric was out a year (maybe 2?) ago.  bright colors and metallic.  3 or 4 colorways and 2 or 3 different designs.  i didn’t think quickly enough to get them all.  they do make lovely stars!

love and beauty