however slight it might be.  put two more stars together and watched a lot of golf.  huh?  well, yes – a couple weeks ago i discovered that watching golf had a very calming effect!  no violence – even that cleverly disguised as a ‘sport’.  i mean those pros rarely throw their clubs around!  they may, on rare occasion take a whack at the ground, i guess.  i mean after their swing at the ball. sooo, decided to give it another go today.  pebble beach, pro-am qualifying rounds going on.  my my, was it beautiful down there today – as it was here.  and, just think, i get to be in that area in june! (for the monterey quilt show)  how nice.

so, sewing was slow going – just kind of relaxed.  just now i have finished preparing to begin the oleander.  am trying out that new clover white pen/pencil – the one that is supposed to disappear with heat – from an iron, or even a hairdryer.  will see if it lasts thru the whole applique project.  will still have to do a vinyl overlay for placement of overlapping pieces.  i did cut the pieces of fabric i will need – estimated how much of each i will need to put into the kit.  i will do the sample using that same size – to make sure it’s enough.  i’m really liking the spring-like colors.  would love to finish both this one and the paperwhites before watsonville.  yes, and those pesky mini iris’s.  i’ll keep you posted.

i can see another fabulous sunset brewing out there.  is currently in the bright yellow, pale peach and light blue stage.  i will resist the urge to take more pictures – unless i can’t. ^_^

there will be a hockey game to watch tonight – so perhaps there will be dinner also.  last night we had both games, along with pizza (yum) – and both teams won exciting games! (as in the final few seconds or overtime!!)  and a good time was had by all. ^_^  and, yes – hockey and basketball are a couple of “those” sports.

love and beauty