just thought i’d post the progress for today.  i also finished the first half of the mini iris.  planning to force myself to work on one of them tonight.  no games to watch, at least not with tom.  may find one on cable that i’m semi-interested in.  i usually watch hgtv, but i swear they keep running things i’ve seen – and some more than once!  hopefully david’s show will be a new one tonight.

i have this flower oriented properly this time.  not sure how the other one got turned around.  funny, this is my least favorite oleander color in real life, but i’m really likin’ this sample.   yep, it must be the spring-like look of it. ^_^  happy.

ole-2.jpgi will be adding a piece at the base of the sideways blossom and a center to the other one.  need to choose a yellow.  i drew the centers tiny ovals, but now i don’t  remember how they really look.  don’t want to wait till they bloom.  ^_^  maybe i can find a picture online??  see if i want to add some beads.

i haven’t forgotten the skinny stems ‘lesson’.  will get to it eventually.

there goes that sunset show again – already bright tangerine!

love and beauty