well, while i can’t  boast of a lot of sewing progress for yesterday – i can claim what i would call ‘great strides’.  i awoke with one of those ‘already in my head’ realizations.  sometimes i speak of them as something i ‘hear’ from the voice in my head.  no, not that nagging, inner critic, nasty one.  this is the one that nudges me in the ‘right’ direction!  and this time it was telling me to stop avoiding things.  specifically, all those tiny little tasks that would often take no more than a minute or two – and yet, the other voice convinces me i really don’t have time.  the end result being – a dirty and cluttered space and suppressed creativity!!  and something akin to the current buzz word – depression. 

what i have realized is, that kind of avoidance ends up sucking the very life out of me.  soooo – i just took a deep breath and began.  first with laundry.  then with little piles here and there.  then with the shelves.  and i worked my way thru a lot of it.  AND did my best to catch myself in the act!  like the dust/hair accumulation on the nightstand.  took me no more than a couple minutes to make it go away.  no, not a big deal like get out some fancy polish and special rag, etc.  just grab a tissue, or used up dryer sheet and wipe the poor thing clean!  and that little pile of clothes intended for hospice.  at least get them folded and by the door for transfer into the van.  0k, that’s another one of those areas.  how many days/weeks/months do you carry that ball of plastic bags around in your car before you remember to take them in with you?  for me, sometimes many!

anyway, i am now sitting in a much clearer space.  no, did not get carried away and get out the vacuum. ^_^  certainly need to.  maybe i will have to do that today.    and, just for the record – what i’m talking about is not being a neat-knick!!  i am talking about anything that triggers a thought every time you look at it.  and maybe even if you can actually SEE it and can acknowledge (even UNconsciously) that it doesn’t belong there or needs some attention!  you know, the “oh my god, look at the dust on that” – like i just did with the base of the monitor!  yes, did force myself to get one of the wipes and somewhat clean it  and several other little places in the area. (a swiffer-type thing is also useful for this type of spot cleaning).

ok, that’s enough of that!! sorry. ^_^  i actually did some other good stuff.  like organize, inventory and replenish all the show tubs.  i have a few kits to assemble.  don’t think i have to cut any – still have some from that major cutting binge i did.  eventually will have to do that again.  makes life much easier in the long run!

and, i have 3 small stars cut.  and i finally dragged the cats down here.  no, not the real ones! ^_^  the ones that still need faces – the “crazy mixed up cat” sample.  carla waiting for it to quilt.  hard to believe it actually might get finished after all these years!!  this one:


well, if i am to accomplish anything today, i’d best get to it.  will start with the  bedsheets – which are already washed and waiting to go into the dryer.  then??  my choices are endless. ^_^

love and beauty