and this is how it looks after today’s session.  i may get the buds on the ends of those tiny stems at the top.  i thought there was a hockey game tonight – not so.  so, perhaps i will just stay down here – unless i get a call for dinner. ^_^

ole-3.jpgguess i could have lightened it a little.  oh well, there will be another one tomorrow.  really need to get it finished so i have time to publish and cut kits.  feeling the stress trying to get hold of me.  while i haven’t completely loafed during this down time – i can admit i could have accomplished more.  and now i have only one week.  dang!

doing my best to stay healthy.  tom and candace have been very sick all week!  and, yes, i was right there in the living room with them.  can’t miss those games! ^_^  i have been coughing a LOT today, hopefully will not lead to the rest of what they had – aches, pains, fever and losing food, etc.  usually i don’t get sick from ‘germs’.  only when my body is trying to tell me something – like slow down, stupid!  and i have been eating healthier this week – part of the plan to rid my body of some excess and highly distasteful (to me) FAT!  we shall see.

and that’s about it for today. 

love and beauty