not something that often happens to me, but i did manage to let the current flu bug get me.  been down and out since saturday, and still hacking away today.  i was pushing myself thru the oleander, until today – i finally just  gave up and decided to only worry about what i knew i could (& must) handle by friday morning.  like restocking, etc.  kept thinking i’d be like new in the morning – not quite yet!

however – i did get this far on it.  it was while i was drawing the templates for those last two flowers that i realized i wasn’t really ‘well’ enough to do them!  they were seeming really really difficult – so decided i’d best just wait till next week.  rats.

ole-4.jpgso, there you have it – and it is actually a day later than when i started this post.  computer decided to be weird yesterday.  haven’t done any more sewing, so this is how it is now.

SPRING!  the first sign of it in this yard is the blooming of the early almond tree – and there they were, yesterday – those lovely pinkish white blossoms.  yea!! i’m also seeing the very first hints of green on the plum tree.  wow, just looked at the one outside the big window and i swear i see more than i did two hours ago when i wrote to my brother about it! amazing!

spring.jpg        sprg2.jpg i swear, i don’t know how the two old withered trees survive, let alone produce each year.  the other one will bloom later.  in the orchards in the valley, they plant them in alternating rows – the early and the ‘later’ one, that is.  such a welcome sight for me.  soon the yard will look like eden, at least for a little while.  then, once the rains stop and the heat sets in – not so much, but still nice. ^_^

love and beauty