this is it, my last chance to prepare both body and business & product.  i did a major shift at the beginning of this week – and stopped my frantic activities to get new samples sewn and patterns published.  given my state of health, frantic activity seemed not the best for me, so instead, i elected a more contemplative approach.  i have done only what was absolutely needed – restocked and reorganized, and rested! 

at this point the whole process still feels a tad daunting – the driving and the work – so i am just trusting that it is all ok.  cannot even consider backing out.  that looks rather like financial suicide.  but there’s a deeper aspect that showed up in my journaling this morning.  i have chosen to live in a question i’ve often heard and been advised to ‘try’ – that is “what would Love do?”  it seemed to be the answer to my oft asked question (prayer) – what the heck am i “SUPPOSED” to do???  you know, that ‘quest’ for Divine guidance – as opposed to following my mind’s incessant chatter.  i must admit that in the past, the ‘what would love do’ thing just sounded like the road back to self sacrifice in the name of ‘serving’ others.  a path i certainly followed for the first 50 years of my life – well trained by the women who came before me!!  so, after 18 years of digging to uncover who/what i am and what i want – well, the thought of returning to only considering what others want was just not an option.  what i realized today is – Love would care for me as well!  i mean, really – it’s LOVE, for cryin out loud! ^_^

so, gave myself lots of time with the journal – interesting stuff today.  i still have some laundry to do – i think it’s ready for the dryer even as we speak!  will meet up with  bobbie and pass the quilt to her for the trip to manteca tonight.  sure hope how she was feeling yesterday wasn’t the prelude to this flu!!  if so, she promised to find someone else. (watch out shirlene!)  after that meeting, i will go to the rv and transfer tubs and then bring the rv home with me.  it will make the final prep so much easier – to load all the personal stuff directly and just leave from here in the morning.  just means a little jockeying  so tom can get into the driveway when they get home.  and i will probably leave before, or about same time as they in the morning.  nice and easy, that’s the ticket.  ^_^

ok, tried to get a picture of the finished quilt.  just no place big enough in this cottage.  this is the best i could do – and didn’t even bother to take any of the actual quilting.  sorry.  my brother took a bunch.  may get him to send them to me to share with ya’ll.

quilt.jpgasian iris moons!  this IS our guild opportunity quilt, so if you’d like to purchase a ticket, let me know. ^_^ $1.00 each or 6 for $5

love and beauty