the oleander is finished, the pattern and kit covers are printed and the words are typed.  so now i just need to final draw it and get it to office max – well, ok, once i have copies i must fold and stuff them.  oops, and just rememberd i didn’t do a back page – the one with words and fabric requirements, etc.

here’s a peek ole-72.jpg  i also need to get it onto the page.  oh, and cut the last (overlay) piece for the kits.  i cut a full set when i cut for what i used to make the sample.  i think.

guess i’d best get back to it here!  friday will be here in the blink of an eye!  setup begins at 11:00, so i can leave here around 9:30 and miss the morning stuff.  well, will have to leave here earlier – in order to get everything from the rv and into the van.  oh joy.  show’s in manteca.

love and beauty